Missionary Associat ion of Marry Immaculate (MAMI)

The MAMI aims at recruiting members from the lay people to help the Oblates in their missionary work and to promote more missionary vocations so that more young men will answer the call of Christ to give themselves to God through our Immaculate mother for the salvation of souls.

MAMI Promoters in Cebu

The members help the MAMI through their prayers and sacrifices and also through their voluntary financial contributions to the Missionary Fund, most of which goes to the costly education and formation of our Filipino Oblate seminarians, living in Our Lady of Assumption Scholasticate, De Mazenod Seminary (OMI Juniorate) in Quezon City and the Oblate Novitiate in Cotabato City.

MAMI Promoters in Baguio

MAMI members enter into an intimate relationship with all the Oblates throughout the world in their missionary work: they build up for themselves a spiritual insurance rich in spiritual benefits; daily mass offered for them throughout the Oblate world, they are prayed for everyday in all our seminaries and by all the Oblates; they gain various indulgences – plenary as well as partial; and finally they abundantly share in all the good works and merits of all Oblates throughout the world. What a tremendous good they win for themselves and others!

MAMI Promoters in Vigan

MAMI S.E.A.L (St. Eugene Action PRAYER League)

MAMI Staff Members with MAMI Asst. Director, Fr. Armand Carignan, OMI


MAMI S. E. A. L. – Mature Christian Movement is a movement within our Saint Eugene Action Prayer League. It is meant to foster spiritual growth in our Oblate Family. To affirm someone everyday for the sake of our Lord has been the minimal requirement of action in our S. E. A. L. up to now. This is already a start to our Founder’s recommending his Oblates to lead men to act like human beings. To lead them to act like Christians his second recommendation would require a little more than just affirming someone everyday. In an effort to do that little more we are creating a movement to help us mature in Christ. Unlike in former times when the clergy took everything in hand in developing the people of God, today with the empowerment of the lay person we are encouraging people to make it their task to pasture in one another the flock of the Lord.

MAMI Secretary, Promoter of Cotabato with MAMI Asst. Director, Fr. Armand Carignan, OMI

Taking stock of your calling as baptized persons anointed King, Prophet and Priest, we ask you to realize that you are incorporated into the Kingship, Prophetic Role and Priesthood of the Lord Jesus. He is the Good Shepherd and now you must join Him in pasturing His Father’s flock. Coming together and constantly sharing each other’s lives in the light of the Gospel would accomplish this and be part of our Action-Prayer League.

After leading people to act as human beings, then as Christians, now, to become saints we must surrender ourselves more and more to Lord. Learning to leave everything up to the Our Loving Father in heaven and convincing others to do the same, will see us follow the wish of our Founder as he lay dying telling us to have zeal for the salvation of souls.

Let then, Smiling, Shepherding and Surrendering be the Triple S representing the three steps of the action of our Saint Eugene Action-Prayer League.